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Chat n' Chew 9/15

National Black Contractors Association held our monthly Chat n' Chew

The upcoming San Diego County "Southeastern Live Well Center " brought together some of the biggest names in construction from the Black community, who are shovel ready and do the "big" jobs. Where the San Diego County under the leadership of Mr. Jack Pellegrino Director of Purchasing and Contractors who is thinking outside the box, to assure that the BIOPOC community do not get left out of a $60 million dollar major construction project in their own community.

Mr. Jack Pellegrino, put a requirement in the contract for the General Contractor PCL, working with a community Black contractor BLK IPO to target Southeastern San Diego's sub contractors for a 10% target of contracting to go to local Southeastern zip codes. These African American contractors are on some of the big project right now in our community, like Montgomery Services who just did the concrete foundation and parking structure off the Dr. Martin Luther King Freeway and Euclid Ave for the Affirmed Affordable Housing project, now under construction, along with Cats Excavation and Grading securing $6 million dollars for the local black community. Which included the hiring of black carpenter apprentices from the BCA's Apprenticeship program.

In the meeting was also long time local BCA board member and major Block Masonry Union Contractor Mr. Victor Ross, who state he is ready and can do any job of any size. Who has done some the biggest signature project like Petco Park, San Diego Convention Center Expansion, The New Gompers Preparatory Academy Gyms, Malcolm X Library and Performing Arts Center, the New Jackie Robinson YMCA, Lincoln Senior High School, and the National BCA building to name a few. BCA Vice President Mark Forte' call PCL out to hold a direct meeting with BCA members, some in the Room and some in the Zoom, where 30 met on zoom

and 30 was in the room. Mr. Lucas Mallory San Diego area manager of PCL Construction, and newest National BCA Member-At-Large, replied by saying he would sponsor the NBCA Monthly Chat n' Chew, which was filled to a capacity room with Black American contractors, who are eager to get a piece of the pie.

The prime contractor PCL Construction has also task the local BCA to assist in helping to find local community Skilled and Trained workers and general labors for Labor Unions, sub contractors for all sate and federal approved

apprenticeships. Mr. Andrew Strong Director of the Office of Equity & Racial Justice, gave an overview of the mission and intent of his department, which he summed up as "making people feel that they belong," as I have been in rooms as the only Black person, and I was not made to feel that I belong in that room, he stated, There were local, state and national participation of BCA members and supporters, L.A., Sacramento, and from out of state, the mission is Equity and Inclusion

Interested in being in the room or on the zoom at our next chat n' chew? Join the association by becoming a member. Click on memberships and sign up online today!


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