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Membership is an option for success, People helping people is what makes America a great place to live. 
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The National Black Contractors Association (NBCA,) is a non-profit Builders and Contractors Association, with local, state, and national standing. NBCA is comprised of over 3,000 members, which includes general contractors, professional consultants, and other industry leaders. Our goal is to help build a bridge between the businesses in the industry and its community members. NBCA is successfully achieving that goal, with an excellent reputation with businesses, local and national leadership in and throughout America. The National Black Contractors Association has also been recognized by national reviews for its commitment to the community. As our list of supporters and contributors continues to grow, the need for assistance in providing essential programs continues to be a challenge.

What's an NBCA Membership?

As an NBCA National member, you will gain exposure to our small contractors and they gain prime, second, and third-tier opportunities in the public and private marketplace; health insurance trust benefits; recognition in our membership directory and Cornerstone Magazine; group purchasing power opportunities from A-Z; educational work- shops and seminars and a host of other benefits. We welcome you to fill out the enclosed application and join us as we help “rebuild” our country. We thank you once again for your interest and look forward to personally welcoming you to our organization.

Our Vision! Our Mission!

It’s the mission of NBCA to build business relationships in support to women, youth in apprenticeship, micro, and small construction business enterprise.
Promote and foster positive solutions to grow and build successful, African American and women in construction, apprenticeship jobs opportunities, and develop future micro and small business construction and construction-related companies.

ALL The Benefits

of NBCA 


Sign Up Online Today! 

Must be a General or Sub Licensed Contractor

In business or self-employed for one or more years.

           (Newly licensed contractors accepted)

New Contractors must have city licenses and mission of business. 


Must be bound by the Code of Ethics and Standards of conduct of the Association. 

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