Our Programs

The Inner-City Community Labor Pool (ICLP) was established May 1, 1995 to provide skilled labor of all trades to BCA member contractors and the construction industry at large. There was concern to equal employment opportunity in the construction industry. However, this labor pool has put over 2500 people to work in the construction industry.

BCA's Apprenticeship Training Center is a 10,000 thousand square foot building developed and designed to train inner-city youths for the construction industry. This new state of the art facility provides classroom and shop (lab) hands-on-training. Apprentices must be state certified in order to attend apprenticeship class at the A.T.C. This means that a contractor has to sponsor him/her into the apprenticeship program, and pay the required, .40 per hour per man-hour training fee, to support the program (per the State of California i.e., apprentices plus all journeymen contribution fees payalbe to the Inner City Community Unilateral Apprenticeship Committee, program training trust fund).

The Labor Boot Camp is a 480 hour per apprenticeship program designed to provide hands-on labor training for "I think I want to be in construction", as a "look-see" for someone who thinks they want to be a construction worker, or for a contractor who is looking for a good worker to promote an apprenticeship program.

BCA member contractors hire to train many applicants from (ICLP) the labor pool seeking to learn a trade in the construction industry. This program is designed to self-fund, through a $1.50 an hour training contribution up to 480 hours.

Labor Boot Camp and ICLP is subsidized by the the building industry as a non-profit "Labor Temp Service". (We will provide workers compensation, drug screening, and pay all Federal and State Income Payroll Taxes.)