The Black Contractors Association of San Diego is pleased that you have stopped by to find out more about us. Before you explore the possibilities of what BCA can do for you, please read a word or two about us that will help you to better understand our mission of purpose.

The purpose and main focus of BCA's Apprenticeship Training Center is to train, educate and assist tradesmen, women and contractors in obtaining jobs regardless of their ethnicity.

BCA's distinctive qualities are adjusted to assist in developing, supporting and nurturing ideas. We make practice to increase educational opportunities for the entire community that will result in economic liberties.

In order to support the functions and duties of the BCA, our organization must continue as follows:

1. Encourage the preservation of BCA's heritage and the creation of an atmosphere and image which our citizens take pride;

2. Help coordinate and marshal support for education in the construction industry;

3. Encourage the provision of education in public and commercial construction;

4. Promote the availability of education to all citizens.

The Black Contractors Association of San Diego, will network with the community to improve the awareness of students and professional business, by increasing their exposure to our organization.

The Black Contractors Association of San Diego will also encourage and support the availability, equal access, and cultural diversity of education in the community, through working with the citizens and the business community.

Today is a day that we can say that they "built it from the ground up". African-Americans can look toward the future for many more successful endeavors, as master builders. Together with the supporters of BCA the "vision of a first-class house is in sight". BCA salutes San Diego's major Black builders and supporters for their contributions and hard work. This is a time to honor God and thank individuals for their support in making this dream a reality.