Our History

The Black Contractors Association of San Diego (BCA) was founded in 1982 as a community based building trade association organized to promote equal opportunity for blacks in construction.

The BCA was given a $1,500,000 million dollars, through the Community Development Block Grant Programs from the City of San Diego, which was initiated and directed by Abdur-Rahim Hameed, Founder and Executive President. The request of Brick and Mortar funding was granted by City Councilman George L. Stevens, who drew support from some of his colleagues on the City Council, such as; Councilman Juan Vargas, Barbara Warden, Kris Kehoe, and Councilman Harry Mathis.

The grant was used to build a 10,000 square foot Apprenticeship Training Center for San Diego's inner-city youth and in support to the needs of training the unskilled. The future is bright for the small emerging contracting community who has built solid relationships in the construction industry over the past 25 years working with governmental agencies and politicians.

BCA membership was composed of Mom and Pop contractors seeking to do business with the broader community, as well as having an opportunity to do "The Big Jobs" in the community.