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Wells Fargo Bank

Westberg and White, Inc.

Turner Construction Company, Inc

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Robinson

Douglas E. Barnhart, Inc

Black Contractors Consortium, Inc.

City of San Diego Community Development Block Grant Fund and Brick & Mortar Building Fund

Councilman George L. Stevens $1,470,000

Councilman Juan Vargas $20,000

Councilman Harry Mathis $10,000

First Interstate Bank

Portland Trail Blazers, Inc.

Blessed Assurance Baptist Church

CityLink Investment Corp.

Nielsen Dillingham Builders

T.B. Penick & Sons

Cement Cutting, Inc.

H.G. Smith Lumber Co.

A-Acton Welding

Casper Company

Challenger Sheet Metal

Council Member Kehoe

Black Contractor's Association
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